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SPR-PES Pre-Drying Spiral

Spirale a tamburo

Heat treatment system used to reduce the humidity of fresh filled pasta products such as ravioli, tortellini and double sheet ravioli.

The pre-drying takes place through a forced air thermal process with transverse circulation with programmable temperature and humidity, consisting of the following functional parts:

Drying chamber with a steam battery heating system and an air distribution system by means of propeller fans. The room is equipped with independent temperature and humidity control systems to ensure perfect air conditioning inside.

Made to treat any type of product, the spiral drum consists of a continuous and telescopic belt that tightens on the inside and rubs on the rotating central drum which creates the motion of the belt itself. The spiral is complete with an upper towing device to ensure the correct winding and tension of the belt on the drum. The fixed and mobile structures are made entirely of stainless steel, continuously controlled by PLC and programmable via the operator panel.

The product conveyor belt and the sliding guides are made of plastic suitable for working at high temperatures.


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