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Operational Rental

Operating leasing is a valid alternative to the purchase of assets, leasing or bank financing.

The operational leasing is a financial service, available in Italy,

in cooperation with SimpleRent by Intesa San Paolo.

Technical assistance

Facchini Group provides a preventive maintenance service with periodic checks of its machines at the production sites of each customer at scheduled times. The diagnostic and maintenance service, with the replacement of the necessary spare parts, allows us to keep our machines in an optimal state of service, guaranteeing their efficiency and full functionality over time.

Spare Parts

Facchini Group has a complete spare parts warehouse that is constantly re-supplied to promptly respond to the requests of its customers anywhere in the world. A careful selection of carriers allows us to provide the best delivery service for each destination.


Facchini Group provides training to the staff of client companies on the basic use and maintenance of their machines to independently manage routine operations that do not require specialist technical intervention. The basic training is generally carried out in the client companies together with the installation of the machinery; the specialist training is carried out at our headquarters and concerns more complex and articulated actions.