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Gruppo prodotti: Dough Processing

SFDC-500-1000 Double Color Automatic Sheeter

produces pasta with colorful stripes ranging from 8 to 100 mm

AV-MT Dough Sheet Roller Winder

designed to work in conjunction with automatic sheeters

FPS 300SV / 500SV Extruder

Machines for the continuous production of dough sheet, from 500 to 1000kg/h

FPS 300 SV-DV Double-tank extruder

Producing long-cut and short-cut pasta, it can operate in combination with single sheet and double sheet ravioli machines.

FPS 120-SV-DV Double-tank extruder

Extrusion pasta press, with medium / high productivity, useful for feeding ravioli-cappelletti machines and for producing various long-cut and short-cut dry pasta shapes.

VTS-SM Bag-emptying hopper

Suitable for feeding flour products to a continuous mixer.

TNK-RF Refrigerated Tank

Refrigerated tank for keeping the products at the desired temperature

TNK-LAV Double Tank with Washing System

suitable for maintaining the product at the desired temperature

TNK-3S-200/300 Wheelable Refrigerated Tank Group

suitable for keeping the product at the desired temperature

SPS-50-200 Waste Crumbler

suitable for chopping production waste

FTC MIXER 170 Centrifugal Pre-Mixer

designed to reduce the dough mixing time and to ensure its perfect hydration

NAV Shuttle distribution system

Double-track system to convey the dough from the mixer to sheeters or extruders

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