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Gruppo prodotti: Dough Processing

MXC2000S -Single-Tank Automatic Kneader with Premix

Production capacity: up to 1500 kg/h of fresh product

DS-MV – Single-Screw Micro Doser

Single-screw micro-doser for additives and salt

DS-BV Double Screw Micro Doser

Twin-screw micro-doser for additives and salt

MSC-SM – Flours Mixer

Bag-emptying hopper + of flour and bran mixer

IM-80-SI Floor mixer with drain at the bottom of the tank

Dough mixer with bottom unloading system

TRT-SRT Scraps Recycle System Counter-Grinder

System used to crumble and convey the dough scraps to the kneading unit for reuse

LFD Double Laminator

The LFD laminates the dough sheets to the desired thickness, making it ready for further processing.

LF-200 Single Laminator

The LF calibrator laminate the to the desired thickness the dough sheet in output from an automatic sheeter, making it ready for further processing

SFD-TAG Double Output Automatic Sheeter

Automatic double output sheeter for the production of dough sheet, entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

SFD-540-1000 Double Output Automatic Sheeter

The SFD double exit automatic sheeter is made of stainless steel and allows the industrial production of two excellent fresh pasta sheets suitable for any type of use.

SF-TAG Automatic sheeter

Machine for the automatic production of smooth pasta formats

Series SF Automatic Frontal Sheeter

The SF AUTOMATIC FRONTAL SHEETER, built in stainless steel, allows the industrial production of an excellent fresh dough sheet suitable for any use.