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Gruppo prodotti: Dough Processing

SFD 250-300 Double Output Automatic Sheeter

The SFD double exit automatic sheeter is made of stainless steel and allows the industrial production of two excellent fresh pasta sheets suitable for any type of use.

IMP-80 – IMP-120 Batch Mixer

ThIS Batch Mixer is suitable for kneading and feeding gnocchi machines and automatic sheeters with a maximum unload height of 1700 mm from the ground.

SF 600 TAG AP Openable Sheeter

Automatic sheeter built in stainless steel AISI 304, with an independent motorization for the kneading unit and one for each of the finishing cylinders

MXCD-2200 Double Tank Automatic Kneader with Premix

Kneading group for the continuous production of dough designed with hygienic design criteria, consisting of the following functional parts: