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LFD Double Laminator

Calibratore a doppio passaggio

The LFD calibrator is designed to laminate the dough sheet in output from an automatic sheeter or press/extruder to the desired thickness, so as to make it ready for any further processing.

The machine consists of two pairs of AISI 304 stainless steel cylinders with a diameter of 150 mm, supported by large oscillating bearings placed on thick shoulders made of steel and Kanigen coated.

A TeflonĀ®-coated slide ensures automatic passage from the first to the second calibration group.

  • Sheet width: 250 mm, 300 mm, 540 mm
  • Sheet thickness: 0 to 3 mm, manually controlled.
  • Cylinders diameter:
    • 120mm (LFD-120)
    • 150mm (LFD-150)
    • 200mm (LFD-200)
    • 300mm (LFD-300)

Calibrators with customized dimensions are provided on request.


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