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SPR-PPP – Post-Packaging Pasteurisation Spiral

Spirale a tamburo

Machine designed for the treatment of food products packed in trays and bags, consisting of a stainless steel belt wound in a spiral on a motorized drum and by a drive gear motor placed on the end of the spiral.

During operation, the belt is pulled by the gearmotor placed at the outlet and is assisted in the ascent by the rotary movement of the drum. To ensure perfect sliding and avoid excessive tensions, all movements are independent and controlled by an inverter and a PLC.

The central drum gearmotor is located in the lower part of the machine and the central drive shaft is mounted on adjustable bearings to ensure perfect alignment.

The system includes a belt protection device which, thanks to sensors placed on each floor, stops the belt in case of excessive tension.

The PLC simultaneously controls the two motors of the machine, giving the possibility to adjust the sliding of the drum on the belt, the temperatures inside the cell and all the safety devices.

The system is equipped with steam heating batteries and fans for a correct air distribution.


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