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PST-RD Radiant Plates System

Sistema a piastre

The radiant plate system is covered by the patent MI2012A002158.

Traditional steam pasteurizers require large quantities of steam to compensate for losses. However, the use of saturated steam is necessary, as it eliminates the ambient air from the pasteurization chamber, for the benefit of the treatment.

The combined use of saturated steam spraying ramps and radiant plates allows generating the heat necessary for pasteurization by using lower quantities of steam at a higher temperature, optimizing energy efficiency.

The radiant plates, working with steam maintained at a higher temperature than that emitted by the spraying ramps, create a downward movement of the air which retains the vapor from the ramps at the product level and at the same time maintains the temperature is constant, as thanks to the contact with the plates it can recover part of the thermal energy transferred to the product.

The condensate produced by the steam used by the plates is in turn recovered and reintroduced into the steam supply circuit. The greater transfer of thermal energy to the product reduces treatment times and therefore improves the hourly productivity of the pasteurizer. The combined heating allows obtaining a pasteurized fresh pasta that is drier and more opaque, more similar to fresh pasta made by hand, and therefore more appreciable by consumers.


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