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PCT-PG Pasteurizer-Cooker with Water Spray System

Pastocottore a pioggia

Machine for cooking and pasteurizing fresh stuffed pasta, dried pasta, fish and other food products, entirely made of AISI 304/316 stainless steel.

Machine complete with cooking tank made of AISI 316 resistant to salts and other additives, equipped with a steam heating system with trap-cold plates to guarantee a uniform water temperature and considerable energy savings.

The closing hood is operated by jacks with electric control.

The conveyor belt has a mobile structure made of AISI 316 steel and a food-grade plastic belt resistant to high temperatures.

The speed of the belt is adjustable to guarantee the preset cooking times. A spraying system with ramps and nozzles delivers steam along the entire length of the chamber during pasteurization, using rising steam for the lower part and ramps for the upper part.

At the exit from the cooking tank there are ramps for washing the product and for removing the cooking starches. A tank located under this area is used for the recovery of waste water.


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