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TGL 540-1000 Automatic Cutting Machine

Taglierina automatica

Machine designed for the production of tagliatelle of different sizes.

  • The cutter can mount molds of different width to allow the cutting of different formats of noodles. The replacement of the molds is very simple.
  • It is also complete with a transversal cutting system to be able to set the desired cutting length for each product.
  • The machine can work with different thickness sheets, from 0.5 to 3 mm
  • equipped with a modular polypropylene feeding belt
  • The output belt produced is closed loop, built in polyurethane with a central guide controlled by an independent motor.
  • The cutter is managed by a PLC and relative control panel which allow the machine to be used in manual or automatic mode, as well as allowing adjustments with the machine running.

In automatic mode, the machine can be combined with a calibrator that feeds it and adapt to the speed of the pasta arriving from the calibrator by means of a laser that reads the loop between the calibrator and the cutter.


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