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TA540-S Tortellini Machine

Tortellinatrice - Facchini Group

Machine for the production of classic Tortellini

Machine made of stainless steel in any part coming into contact with food, equipped with a double calibrator with loop control and scrap-cutting unit, electronically managed through PLC.

Innovative technical solutions, high quality materials, electronic management and an advanced software allow to easily manage the production process, and especially the detection of presence of pasta, the adjustment of the dough sheet advancement, the feeding of filling, the changing of the filling bars and of the distribution unit, the control of the dough sheet loop, the speed of motors according to the desired production and all different adjustments and settings of the machine.

The user-friendly, touch-screen operator panel allows to easily manage all different controls, synchronize the production speed, set the desired program or use personalized recipes already stored in the software.

Completamente costruita in acciaio inox in tutte le sue parti a contatto con il prodotto, la TA540-S è facilmente smontabile in ogni sua parte, per cui completamente igienizzabile: carterature e sportelli apribili permettono una completa sanificazione dopo ogni utilizzo.


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