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SPR-SRG – Freezing Spiral

Spirale a tamburo

Treatment used to lower the temperature of filled fresh pasta products.

Cooling takes place through a forced cold air process with transverse circulation and programmable temperature inside the treatment chamber where a system with glycol batteries and propeller fans ensures perfect air conditioning.

The drum spiral is made up of a continuous and telescopic belt which rubs on the rotating central drum.

The structure is completely made of stainless steel. The system is controlled by a PLC and programmable from the operator panel.

The product conveyor belt and the sliding guides are in food-grade plastic suitable for low temperatures.

The drum rotation system is located in the lower part of the spiral and controlled by a gearmotor. An upper towing device maintains the correct tension of the belt on the drum.

The system includes a belt protection device with sensors on each floor to ensure the safety of the belt in the event of jams or excessive tension.


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