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FPS 300 SV-DV Double-tank extruder

Pressa a doppia vasca

Machine suitable for the industrial production of long-cut and short-cut pasta, designed to operate in combination with single sheet and double sheet ravioli machines.

It is equipped with a rear mixing tank, which can be automatically tilted through a special piston.

The press is complete with a hopper with a shaft equipped with shovels for the regular loading of the extrusion channel without creating production voids.

The extrusion screw with variable revolutions, controlled by an inverter and complete with a photocell to control the dough sheet loop, ensures correct working speed. Furthermore, in combination with the cooling system of the cylinder, it allows obtaining a well compacted and uniform dough sheet at low temperatures, not to modify the organoleptic characteristics of the dough.

The blocking of the die, through high resistance screws, simplifies and speeds up the format change.


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