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RA 540/S2 Fully Washable Ravioli-Cappelletti Machine

Ravio-cappellettatrice - Facchini Group

The ravioli-cappelletti maker mod. RA 540/S2, completely washable and sanitizable, is suitable for the industrial production of ravioli, cappelletti, sachets, giant tortelloni, etc., in different pasta shapes, sizes and thicknesses (even icing puff pastry).

During the production phase it is possible to carry out the adjustments which optimize the shaping of the product, without stopping the machine; the automatic recognition system of the assembled mold avoids errors and automatically prepares the machine for the required production. The machine allows the quick change of mold and distributor package, without the aid of keys or other equipment; it is therefore possible to carry out many format changes without wasting time and in complete safety.

The machine includes:

  • Mold group: high-speed mold, completely washable and sanitizable, equipped with sensors for correct positioning; rapid mold and distributor package replacement system, with winch installed directly on the machine to facilitate die change operations without the aid of keys or equipment.
  • Double sheet calibration group
  • Filling group mounted directly on the machine and equipped with double motorization
  • Waste cutter group positioned on a removable trolley with a quick-release system
  • Protections of mechanical parts made of perforated sheet metal
  • production capacity: 120 to 600kg/h
  • Sheet width: 540mm

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