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Gnocchi Trabatto

Trabatto gnocchi

Suitable for cooling gnocchi with ambient air. The machine is composed of n vibrating surfaces, of which n-1 for the treatment and 1 for the collection of residual flour released by the products.

Construction features

  • Vibrating surfaces entirely made of stainless steel, with a 3 mm-thick perforated sheet; the holes in the sheets have different diameters to guarantee the discharge of the residual flour.
  • Frame entirely made of stainless steel, with removable and inspectable 20 mm-thick insulated panels.
  • Upper cover panels can be opened to facilitate cleaning.
  • Movement of the oscillating planes obtained through pairs of motor-vibrators, which give the movement to three levels, complete with anti-vibrators.
  • The bottom level of the shaker helps to collect the rice flour released by the dumplings.
  • Control panel with electromechanical logic assembled on the machine side.
  • Independent adjustment of each pair of motor-vibrators to correctly adjust the product feed speed.
  • Control panel with start-stop controls, emergency stop button, and potentiometers control.

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