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FPS 300SV / 500SV Extruder


The FPS 300SV and 500SV extruders are made of stainless steel for the continuous production of dough sheet. The product obtained is rougher than the one obtained with an automatic sheeter.

It is formed by a carrying mixture hopper, also safe and cleanable, completely made of stainless steel: technical devices applied on parts continually cleaned (such as the particular shape of the tank) make the operator’s intervention easy and sure, guarantee the maximal hygiene and favor all healthy operations.

The basin contains a mixing shaft that permits a uniform and perfect change of the extrusion screw. The variable speed extrusion screw gives the possibility to produce the desired quantity of pasta.

Production capacity:

  • FPS 300SV: 500-650kg
  • FPS 500SV: 700-1000kg
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